1. justinmmmkay:

    My other photo op with Osric………(I said yes) 

    need moar boiz

  2. So I thought I would share my photo ops….



    Adorable princess Osric




    Hug sandwich from the adorable hellish figures


    This adorable fucker


    This hottie


    And lastly is the the moose who swallowed my body with his arms

    lovely photos!
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  5. knoodler:

    when the manga gets an anime and the anime gets a reboot and you get to watch your favorite character die three different times


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  6. ethuil:

    So today I was talking to my mom and she asked me to see some photos of my hostmom in Dublin, obviously I went into Facebook and started showing her some of the photos that Rebecca has in there when suddenly this one came out. I seriously wasn’t ready for this photo.

    Do you recognise the blondish guy on the bottom left, the one with the pony tail? That’s Misha Collins. And the girl sitting on the chair and holding his hand? That’s Rebecca. They were close friends back in high school, when she still lived in Massachusetts. Repeat: My hostmom and MISHA COLLINS were CLOSE FRIENDS in high school!! 

    I just refuse to can. I lost my ability to can. I just can’t even! And he looks SO cute in this photo of him on his prom night!! <3

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  7. i had to check twice if this is osric chau i added because his DOUZO YOROSHIKU! picture made me doubt it was him omg


  8. Re: That Osric Chau and Fandom Racism Post What I Posted


    As a person who doesn’t regularly blog about social issues, I was loathe to post my thoughts on current fandom discourse and its treatment of Asian-Canadian actor Osric Chau. But I’m glad I did, and I want to thank everyone who sent me their messages of support, encouragement and validation, and the many, many people who took the time to share their stories with me, as well as the many people who said "Something about this behavior had been bothering me, and now I know why." That’s awesome. All we can ever hope for in this life is to be the source of a little more thoughtfulness, kindness and inclusion, you know? This is crunch time at work, so there were too many messages for me to respond to individually at this time, but I read them all and appreciated them all very much.

    Some people apologized for having engaged in this behavior. That’s good. Awareness, the ability to grow, and the willingness to take on accountability are good things. It takes a brave person to publicly own a mistake and that’s admirable.

    But there were also people who, as they say in the vernacular, became butthurt over the post and felt the need to get defensive, either via the askbox or via the reblogs, which I admit have gotten too numerous for me to keep up with. Far fewer than the messages of support, but still sizable in quantity enough for me to not have the time or energy to call each one out individually.

    Here are some honorable mentions anyway. Side-eye with me, friends.

    Anyway, the butthurt people were all saying pretty much the same handful of derailing straw men arguments over and over again, so instead of expending energy addressing them individually, I’m just going to address all the points here collectively.

    Read More

    thank you so much gawddayum

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  9. valalecki:

    Misha carrying Osric onstage during the judging of the Cas costume contest.

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  10. thecoldestsound:

    I honestly think I’m the only one who isn’t sad about Cas leaving? I love Cas but I just…I don’t care? Supernatural has finally done it. My emotions are no more. I’m completely dead inside. I achieved what Dean couldn’t: I can’t feel a damn thing.

    lol same. the “you’re family” scene in the previous episode had more impact than this imo

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